March 1, 2015

TExES Test Sessions

Each TExES exam is usually administered twice on each testing day with one opportunity to take the exam offered in the morning and one opportunity offered in the afternoon. Each full test session is 5 hours long, but certain exams are administered as half-session tests and therefore the exam-taker will only have 2.5 hours to complete the exam. There is only one exam that is longer than 5 hours as the TExES Superintendent Exam is a two part exam where the first section of the exam is offered as a full-session test during the morning test session and the second part as a full-session test in the afternoon test session. As a result, the Superintendent Exam is actually a full day test that can take up to 10 hours to complete as the exam-taker will have five hours to complete each section of the exam. Certain exams are only offered once a day and these exams are only available during certain sessions. Currently, the only exams that are not offered twice a day at most testing centers are the Braille Exam that is only offered during the afternoon session and the English Language Arts and Reading 8 – 12 Exam, which is only offered during the morning session.

However, even though most testing centers offer two test sessions, certain testing centers do not offer two testing sessions on each testing day so it may not be possible to register for multiple exams or register for exams that are only offered in a particular session at a specific testing center. Any individual registering for the TExES may choose to take up to two exams on one testing day as long as two sessions are offered at that testing center and the individual is not registering for the Superintendent Exam. The individual may also specifically request to take an exam during the morning or afternoon session, but the request must be made at the same time that the individual registers for the exam and before the late registration deadline. It is not guaranteed that the exam-taker will receive the specific session that he or she requested and the exam-taker may be assigned a different session if the demand for the exam exceeds the seating capacity allotted by the testing center.