March 2, 2015

Certifications that Require Work Experience and/or Completion of Special Programs

Most of the TExES exams are certification-by-exam tests where an educator can add additional certifications to the certifications that he or she already has simply by taking more exams. However certain certifications require additional experience, completion of special preparation programs, or other similar requirements in order for the individual to become certified. Certifications that require individuals to complete special preparation programs and/or that require some level of previous work experience include the following certifications:

  • Educational Diagnostician
  • Principal
  • Reading Specialist
  • School Counselor
  • School Librarian
  • Superintendent

Individuals seeking certification for the above professions must complete the appropriate preparation program that corresponds to the profession the individual is pursuing, must have a master’s degree or higher, and have the required amount of classroom, intern, or other work-related experience in addition to passing the appropriate TExES test. For example, an individual seeking a principal certification must complete a principal preparation program, must have a master’s degree or higher, must have two or more years of classroom teaching experience at an accredited school, and must successfully pass the TExES Principal Exam in order to become certified. The exact requirements for a particular certification depend on the specific certification that the individual is pursuing and certain certifications may not require individuals to have previous work experience.