March 1, 2015

Certification by TExES Exam

Certain TExES exams offer a certification opportunity known as certification by exam where any individual that is already certified as a teacher in the state of Texas for a particular subject area may add certifications from other subject areas by passing the corresponding TExES exam. For example, a teacher that already has a certification in history at the high school level and all of the credentials necessary to teach history within the state of Texas may add a certification for another subject such as mathematics at the high school level by passing the TExES Mathematics 7 – 12 Exam. Once the individual passes the certification exam for the additional subject, the individual will be able to teach that subject and any other subjects that the individual had previously received certification to teach usually without taking any further courses or exams. In order for an individual to take the TExES and seek additional certification, the individual must first receive approval to test from the SBEC. The option of certification by exam is not available for every content area and is not available for any of the profession-related TExES exams. As such, the certification by exam option is not available for the following exams:

  • Educational Diagnostician
  • Marketing 6 – 12
  • Principal
  • Reading Specialist
  • School Counselor
  • School Librarian
  • Superintendent

The individual seeking the additional certification may be required to take more than one content related exam depending on the specific certification the individual is pursuing. For example, an individual that is taking the Bilingual Education Supplemental 4 – 8 Exam may also have to take a Texas Oral Proficiency Test for the second language that the individual will be using to teach students. The individual seeking the additional certification will not have to take any additional Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exams unless the certification the individual is seeking is for another grade level than the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities certification that the individual already obtained.